Web Demo runs Kotlin type checker to report errors/warnings in the editor. The type checker can run either on our server or your machine (using a Java™ Applet, experimental).

On run mode (default): type checker is running on our server only when you run your program.

Client mode (experimental): type checker, code completion and other services are running on your machine (in a Java™ Applet). The server only generates byte code and runs your programs on the JVM.

Server mode (experimental): all the services except for basic keyword highlighting are running on our server.

Recheck button: Re-run the type checker on your code.

Save as:

You can save and share your programs.

Log in to enable "My Programs":

You can choose one of the proposed run configurations:

Java (Standard): program will run using JVM.

JavaScript (Standard): program will run using Pre-Alfa JavaScript backend.

JavaScript (Canvas): program will run using Pre-Alfa JavaScript backend. HTML5 Canvas is available for drawing.

Write the code on java in the opened popup dialog and then translate it to kotlin. Note that this function is only for illustrate kotlin syntax and it can generate redundant code.

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